Average Costs for Panhellenic Sororities

Average Annual Costs per Academic Year

These are averages of totals as reported by each sorority; prices are subject to change.


New Member - defined as the first full year of membership in an organization.  $2,375

     "Being a new member is a special experience that marks the beginning of a lifetime membership, and with this there are one-time only fees.  One of these is your badge fee. Your badge is something you will wear over your heart forever and connects you to every sister in your organization.  During the new membership period, there are special events, ceremonies, and experiences, as well as all chapter activities that help new members meet their new sisters, big sisters and members of Greek Life.  While the fees during the new member period are slightly more, it is a one-time experience that helps to promote involvement as a collegian and alumna."  Shelby K.


Out of House - defined as the second-fourth years of membership when not living in the chapter facility.  $1,810

     "I'm a member who has paid out of house dues for two years.  I have never once second guessed where my money was going or if it was worthwhile.  I save so much money on food by eating lunch at the house everyday and dinner every Monday.  I have a quiet space on campus to study where I can always find a sister to help me on anything from biology to business.  A sisterhood is a network of constant support that you can't find anywhere else!"  Callie B.


In House - defined as the second-fourth years of membership when living in the chapter facility (room and board).  $7,938

     "I was always told that I could live in an apartment at any stage in my life, but you cannot always live with more than 70 of your closest friends.  No only does living "in house" allow you to bond with women in your organization, it is also a practical living situation.  Sorority houses are convenient, a chef or cook provides three meals a day so when you're busy studying for a test you don't have to worry about making dinner.  I can study for finals in my sorority's library and have movie marathons with my sisters in our TV room.  I have lived in my sorority's house for three years, and during each of these years I have gotten to know women who I would have never met.  I would not trade my experience living in house for the world."  Sara B.


Average costs include but are not limited to:
Chapter Dues
Badge Fee
Initiation Fee
Building and Furnishing Fee
Maintenance Fee
National Dues
Parlor Fees


Additional Miscellaneous Fees may include:
Various Sisterhood Events
Out of House Meal Plans
Out of House Parking
Housing Fob