Greek Leaders 2024


Welcome to Greek Life!

On behalf of the University of Arkansas Greek community, Welcome to the University! For more information about recruitment, please click on the "Recruitment" link to the left.

Fraternities and sororities play an important role on the University of Arkansas campus as well as throughout the Northwest Arkansas community and beyond. Scholarship, service, friendship, cultural appreciation, and brotherhood/sisterhood are the common fraternal principles founded by each of our Greek lettered organizations. By focusing on these fraternal principles, one can expect both a positive collegiate and Greek experience.

Being part of a Greek organization will provide ample opportunities for you to participate in activities that will enhance your personal development, promote academics, and advance your leadership skills. We encourage you to take a look at Greek Life and become a part of our rich traditions!

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Greek Life will provide and create educational leadership opportunities through common fraternal principles as a way to actively engage and build exemplary Greek men and women for life.

Promoting academic achievement.

Advocating and actively promoting a diverse and inclusive community.

Developing and maintaining lasting internal and external relationships between the University, fraternal organizations, alumni, and the local community.

Intentionally, promoting a strong, values-based and purpose-driven Greek community.

Greek Facts

  • 31% of students on the U of A campus are members of a Greek-lettered organization.
  • All Greek GPA 3.476 for Spring 2021
    All Sororities GPA Average: 3.562
    All Fraternities GPA Average: 3.314
  • Annually, our Greek organizations donate approximately $750,000 to charities.

Be a part of the best... GO GREEK!