Greek Fee

Implementation of Greek Fee

In an effort to enrich support for our growing Greek Life community, the University of Arkansas has approved an assessment of $30 per semester for all students who participate in fraternity and sorority life.   We will implement this assessment beginning fall 2017. 

During the 2016-17 academic year, Greek Life held numerous meetings with fraternity and sorority leaders, alumni, and university administrators to discuss how this initiative could benefit the UA Greek community.  All agreed that adding additional staff would positively impact recruitment, retention, and graduation efforts.  

With strong support from stakeholders and student leaders, we believe that this charge will provide vital resources to a Greek Life office serving over 31% of UA undergraduate students.  These funds will be focused on the following initiatives: recruiting and retaining experienced professionals, developing and implementing vibrant programming to address issues affecting fraternities and sororities, as well as providing leadership development opportunities for its members. All funds generated will be used solely for UA Greek Life initiatives and efforts.  Additionally, an alumni advisory board, including student leaders, will provide feedback to Greek Life regarding the effective use of this added resource. 


When Will I Be Charged?

The Treasurer’s Office will bill affiliated students on or about October 15 and March 15.  The charge will appear on each participating student’s UAConnect account based on rosters submitted to the Greek Life Office.  New members joining during fall and spring recruitments, as well as returning sophomore, junior, and senior members, will be billed each semester.